There’s an art to being able to join design, affordability, and precision for your home’s fence. Our highly skilled fence sales and installation team will be able to help you choose a design that fits your home perfectly, while mapping out the entire process prior to the installation.

What differentiates a good fence installation from a great fence installation is the amount of time and effort the craftsmen put into the job. Here at Paramount Fence Builders, Inc., we treat every single project with the dedication, care, and precision that it deserves.

Before & After

Our Process

So, what’s our process to installing your fence?

After our initial meeting with you we will review all final details of the fence you purchased, down to the smallest details to ensure everything will be properly installed on the day of service. If applicable, we review with you the tear down and removal process for that day and also make sure there will be nothing blocking the fence on the day of installation so we may begin work promptly.

On the day of your installation we will show up on time and prepared to work. We will begin by tearing down and removing the old fence. Our trained professionals are aware of their surroundings are courteous to your property, as well as your neighbors. Although, the tear down and removal portion of the process is rather quick we ensure your property will be treated with great care.

The installation process begins with digging the holes for posts, mixing and pouring the concrete to start the groundwork for the rest of the fence installation. A straight line will be determined in the location of the original fence, and/or placed on a line you request. We then place the support posts in the wet concrete and allow them to dry ensuring you fence will be strong in the ground and not feel any effects of the winds.

Once all of the posts are securely in the ground we will begin the balance of the installation that will make your fence come to life. Just as with the securely installed posts, we will be sure the remainder of the fence is installed with the same care and precision.

We finish the look of your fence with all the final touches, the caps, gates, etc to make sure the final product is exactly what you purchased. The final pieces of your fence are put into place, so you and your family can now enjoy your beautiful new fence.